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This website is in no way directly associated with or supported by Duke University Medical Center, medical personnel or its afiliates.  This website is strictly for the enjoyment, amusement and benefit of individuals who have had a lung transplant at Duke or who are waiting for a lung transplant at Duke; their spouses, families, friends, and caregivers.   Any articles or educational material that may be presented is strictly for informational purposes only and does not take the place of proper medical care provided by your transplant team.
Become a member of your Duke Lung Transplant Friends group. Send your name, your email address and the date of your transplant or transplant status to the email address below.  Send a photo too! (not required).  If you would like, send a short bio, along with the diagnosis that led to your needing a lung transplant.  If you send pictures make sure they are in .jpg format. Send your transplant stories, pictures, associated emails to : dukelungs@charter.net .

Please share your story! Send it to the address above also.  Stories can be about your transplant, life before transplant, an event relating to your transplant etc.  This includes stories from caregivers and friends too!  We also have a memorial page to remember those we have lost.
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Lung Transplant Caregiver's Support Group
Welcome to Duke Lung Transplant Friends

This website is for you ~ Duke Lung Transplant patients (pre and post), donors, spouses, families, friends, caregivers, transplant team, medical staff, pulmonary rehab staff.  There are so many people who make lung transplant possible.  You are all welcome here.

You are a unique group of people; a family of sorts who have experienced Lung Transplant at Duke first hand.  The process and experience is like none other.  Enjoy looking at your website;  reading the stories and articles; looking at the pictures and remembering.

There are many facets to the Duke Lung Transplant experience.  We hope to touch nearly every aspect in some way.  We continue to add stories and articles as we receive them from our members.  Become a member of Duke Lung Transplant Friends!  The send us your transplant story.  This includes lung transplant recipients, spouses, family members, caregivers, donor families and health care professionals.  Good and Bad, we provide information to Duke Lung Transplant Patients to help provide better understanding of the overall Lung Transplant experience at Duke.  You may  send your story to:  dukelungs@charter.net

We hope each of you will be willing to participate in all that goes on here, working together to help one another and all those who continue to come through the Lung Transplant Program at Duke get through it successfully.  We also hope you will take the time to get to know other Duke Lung Transplant friends.

Get involved!  Like us on FB! Participate in online discussions on Facebook - Search for Duke Lung Transplant Friends.   It is a closed group; you must ask to be added as a member.

Join Duke Lung Transplant Friends here! Send us your name, transplant status, and email address.  You will be added to our membership directory.

Send in a photo!  We would love to put a "face to the names".  Send your photos in a .jpeg format to dukelungs@charter.net

Share your story!  You can benefit others who come through the program after you by sharing your story and experience going through the lung transplant process.  This includes patients, spouses, caregivers and family members too.

Please tell others about your Duke Lung Transplant Friends website so that as many Duke families can benefit and contribute as possible ~ www.dukelungs.org
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